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It’s hard to be cool – when your feet are cold.
You can’t fit in – when your shoes don’t fit.
How do you act like a young man – with only your sister’s shoes to wear?

For too many children, having a decent pair of well-fitting shoes can mean the difference between success and failure in school. Now – thanks to the generous and caring efforts of sponsoring groups composed of friends, a business, school, church or civic organization – Shoes That Fit makes it possible for many of these deserving children to attend school not just in comfort, but with dignity and pride. You can help.

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Making A Difference

The Chris Paul Family Foundation and Shoes That Fit provide shoes for every student at Cook Elementary School in Winston-Salem, NC!

Find Out How You Can Help

There are many ways you can make a difference – from making a simple donation to starting your own Shoes That Fit chapter!

How to Start a Chapter

Become part of the Shoes That Fit family by starting a chapter in your community.

Wish List

Just as there are kids that need Shoes That Fit, we need supplies of certain specific shoe types and sizes throughout the year.

Why Shoes?

Imagine attending school as a child and having to wear shoes that are worn out, too tight or too loose. The only thing more uncomfortable than your feet – is the daily embarrassment you live with.