November 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016 - 17:45

 Since 2005, 5th grade students at Kadima Day School have organized their school’s Shoes That Fit program to help kids in need of new shoes in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. This month is dedicated to the theme of “Do not stand idly by” at the Jewish day school. “Our Kadima goal is to collect 120 shoes for two schools that have kids who don’t have shoes,” says 10-year-old Orel. “Don’t stand idly by. Get involved and make a difference!”

On November 7th the LA Kings and Shoes That Fit delivered 100 pairs of new athletic shoes to students at Cimarron Elementary School in Hawthorne, CA.  In addition to the shoes distribution for the most in need students, every child at Cimarron was given the opportunity to participate in a street hockey clinic the Kings Chariot Crew conducted on the campus for four hours.  Just imagine the joy of a child who may have received his first pair of new shoes and played his first game of hockey.  Certainly a great day of firsts that will hopefully provide the inspiration and motivation needed to stay in school so he can reach his full potential.

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