October Latest News

OnMedia in Des Moines, IA, held their annual golf tournament on September 20th, kicking off their 15th anniversary with Shoes That Fit. OnMedia is one of our largest chapters; they engage the entire Des Moines community in their Shoes that Fit efforts. “We love this program because it helps kids feel better about themselves in a learning environment so they can concentrate in school,” said Bob Montgomery, Vice President/General Manager of OnMedia. Good luck and best wishes for the best Shoes That Fit year ever, Des Moines!
For nearly twenty years, Doug Forde has been an avid supporter of Shoes That Fit as Senior Partner, Forde McGovern and Associates.  Though the California Sporting Goods Associations' 18 Annual Sportsman Helping Children Pheasant Hunts, Doug and his colleagues have helped raise funds to support Shoes That Fit and four other nonprofit organizations.  Because of their commitment, we have been able to help thousands of children throughout the years.  Now enjoying retirement, Mr. Forde continues to be a valuable asset to Shoes That Fit having recently introduced us to our first source for wholesale footware.  Fostering this relationship and more like it, will help us reach our goal of doubling the number of children we help over the next five years.   When we are finally able to say, "This year we helped 200,000 children across the USA" it will be because of dedicated friends like Doug.  From all of us at Shoes That Fit, thank you for your years of service and for bringing countless smiles to children all across the USA. 
On October 25 Shoes That Fit teamed up with the Chris Paul Family Foundation to provide 354 children with a new pair of shoes! Chris Paul streamed live from the event on TNT.  To watch a copy of the live streamed video click here.